Write Up - World Championships 2019

Written by Lizzie on . Posted in newsletters

world2019-1After months of hard work and dedication, it was finally time for our fab five to head across to pond to Killarney, Ireland to compete at the World Championships 2019. The competition was taking place at the INEC in Killarney which has a long history of hosting fabulous Irish dancing events. Our very own teacher, Lizzie, won the Senior Ladies All Ireland Championships in Killarney in 2007!

We all travelled together the day before the competition started which gave us lots of time to get settled into our rooms and have a team meal before the madness kicked off the following day. 

Freddy took to the stage first in the Boys Age 9-11 Championship. He performed wonderfully and when he came out for his set dance you could have heard a pin drop. After he had finished his competition, we all had a look through the vendors area to see what was on offer as well as grab some lunch. Our older dancers took the time to start getting prepared for their competitions which was the day after. When it was time for the results, we made our way to the hall and, we sat together as a team to share in the nerves and excitement as the marks were read out at speed. Before we knew it, Freddy (our Freddy) was announced as the Boys Age 9-11 World Champion 2019. Words cannot describe how incredibly happy we are for our little gent! No one deserves it more!

The following day, we were all back to the dancing with our 4 ladies, Grace (Age 19), Lucia (Age 20) and Jessica & Michaela (Senior Ladies) stepping onto the stage to put their best foot forward. Even having a huge act to follow from the fablulous result the day before, all our girls were simply fantastic. They were all proof that hard work really does pay off with their standard of dancing and well deserved results. Lucia and Jessica finished in the top 5 of their age groups and Michaela & Grace were in the top 10. 

Congratulations Worlds 2019 Team:

  • Lucia Burke-Sanchez,  5th - Age 20 World Championships
  • Jessica Ellis, 5th - Senior Ladies World Championships
  • Grace Barry, 6th - Age 19 World Championships
  • Michaela Green, 7th - Senior Ladies World Championships

world2019-2However, even when the dancing was done, that was not the end of our Worlds 2019. We were all headed to the Worlds 2019 Ball! We had a day of relaxing ahead before the ball in the evening. We spend our time chilling out after a long few months of hard work, although Freddy's day wasn't as relaxing as the majority of us. He was surprised by his dad Mark and older brother Sebby arriving to join us at the ball! His mum Jackie had organised the whole surprise and as a family they went sight seeing in Killarney. 

We all had a fab time at the ball, dancing, singing cheesy song, eating and being merry, all while celebrating the achievements of a very special weekend.

Thank you to CRDM for organising a brilliant event. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (even the slightly stressful dancing bit) and cannot wait until Worlds 2020!