Write Up - All Ireland & International Championships 2017

Written by Lizzie on . Posted in newsletters

2017-AllIrelandThe All Ireland & International Championships were reinstated by An Comhdhail in 2017. Historically, this competition used to take place annually until it was replaced by the An Comhdhail World Championships for a number of years. In 2016, it was decided that An Comhdhail would run both a World Championships at Easter and the All Ireland & International Championships in June. The All Irelands (for short) is similar in set up as the World Championship but with one main difference - traditional set dances are performed for the 3rd round instead of an open set dance.

In 2017, the championships took place at City West Resort, Staggart in Dublin at the end of June. This was the first time An Comhdhail had run the All Irelands in its updated format and we had 2 dancers flying the Ellis-Parr fly over the course of the championships.

Freddy Beard competed in the U10 Boys Championship on Wednesday 28th June and danced up a storm on stage. His hard work in the lead up to the competition showed with lots of improvements. He was in the top 15 boys in the age group and is getting ever closer to the coveted World and All Irelands medals that we are aiming for. 

Our final dancer to stage to the stage was Jessica Ellis in the Senior Ladies competition. She danced very well and improvements are showing through constantly as she continues to improve strength and fitness since returning to competing at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, Jessica didn't place overall, but we know this is only a matter of time as she continues to improve.

Freddy and Jessica did extremely well at the All Ireland Championships (regardless that the results were not as we would have hoped for them), and what makes this an even bigger achievment is that they did this without the support of Liz, who unfortuatnely wasn't able to attend in person. Knowing that we have dancers that are so well practiced and dedicated to their dancing that they can compete interntationally on their own is a credit to the our dancers and our school. Please join us in congratulating Freddy and Jessica for their brilliant dancing and superb conduct and dedication to their sport!