Write Up - All England Championships 2018

Written by Lizzie on . Posted in newsletters

AE2018Sleepy January is upon us and that means one thing for Team Ellis-Parr - the All England Championships have arrived!

The Championships took place over the 13th & 14th January at the Watford Colosseum. Over the course of the weekend, each and every child that took to the stage for Team Ellis-Parr did our Academy proud with their dancing, team work and sportmanship. We certainly had our hard work pay off with many brilliant results for our dancers which were well deserved by you all. 

Please join us in congratulating:

Stevie Rose - U6 Future Stars Parade
Ceceil Steele-Larmeu - U8 Beginners A & B awards
Hayden Johnson - U9 Beginners A & B awards
Lexi Miranda - 4th U9 Beginners Cup
Amy Heath - 2nd U10 Beginners Cup
Ania Vasylenko - U10 Beginners A & B awards
Natalia Wawrzenczak - 5th U11 Beginners Cup
Ailish Cowling - U11 Beginners A & B awards
Libby Johnson - O12 Beginners awards and U14 Pre-Open awards
Kate McDevitt - O12 Beginners Reel award
Jenny Found - 2nd O12 Beginners Cup
Freddy Beard - 3rd U11 Open Championship
Orla Campion - 2nd U13 Open Championship
Emily Downey - 2nd U17 Open Championship
Grace Barry - U18 Open awards
Lucia Burke-Sanchez - 4th U20 Open Championship
Keeley Rielly - 7th U20 Open Championship
Michaela Green - 5th Senior Open Championship
Jessica Ellis - 6th Senior Open Championship

O and a special mention to Joe, who as far as Team EP are concerned stole the show in the Senior World Dancers Parade on the Sunday night!

For those of you that may have been a little disappointed with your placement or marks, don't give up! With hard work and determination, you really can achieve anything and use this experience to make you stronger and come back fighting when we get back to class!

All England Championships are done and dusted for another year - we'll see you in 2019!