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We are delighted to announce that Ellis-Parr Irish Dance Academy is adding Crawley to our list of teaching venues!

istockphoto-1094120438-612x612The O'Brien School of Irish Dancing sadly closed its doors at the end of April and Liz was honoured to be ofference the opportunity to work with the talented dancer from the Crawley based school. 

Additionally, Nicky Smith has joined our teaching team to help work with all our dancers!

Our Crawley dancers, along with Nicky, have been attending our Zoom classes since the beinning of May and we love having them as part of our growing dancing family! We are so excited to see what the future holds for us all and cannot wait to have lots of fun and laughter together, mixed with a bit of dancing!

Our Crawley class will continue at the same venue the O'Brien School used and will be on Thursdays. Full details of this class will be confirmed once the UK lockdown is over and we can resume normal classes.