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Summer2018Summer Holiday Dates

The Summer holiday for the Ellis-Parr Irish Dance Academy will commence on Monday 16th July 2018 and continue until Friday 31st August 2018.

Autumn/Winter Term Dates

The Autumn/Winter Term dates are as follows: 

FIRST CLASS - Saturday 3rd September
LAST CLASS - Saturday 15th December


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AI-BNs2018July is a very busy month on the CRDM dancing calendar with 2 of the 3 Majors taking place within a week of each. The All Ireland Championships 2018 took place in Dublin at the start of July with the British Nationals 2018 taking place in Kent just a week later. 

All our dancers, from beginners to open, had been working round the clock to ensure they were the best they could be for these competitions and to ensure Team Ellis-Parr finished the summer term in style!

First up, was our Freddy as he travelled to the All Ireland Championships to fly the EP flag. He was our only competitor at the All Ireland's this year, but we will definately have more of Team EP attending the Championships in 2019! 

Our day in Dublin was a complete whirlwind, with Liz flying out and back from Dublin in the same day to support our little gent. The standard in the Boys Age 10 - 13 Championship was very high and our Freddy did not disapoint with 3 brilliant rounds. After a short break with just enough time for a cup of tea, the results were due out. As the results were called (very fastly we will add) it was announced that..........

'The Age 10 - 13 Boys All Ireland Champion for 2018 is Freddy Beard'!

And what made this result even more special was that our little man won this amazing title with a perfect score of 500!

We couldn't be prouder of him for this acheivement. And we can't wait to see what the future has in store for our talented little dude! 

After what felt like a minute, but was in fact a week, we were headed to Kent for the British National Championships 2018. This competition was the last of the feis calendar before the summer break and the close of the championship marked the start of our break after a long summer term!

The excitement of the dancers for this competition was second to none and they all performed to their full potential. Again the standard of the competition was high acorss the board, from the beginner grades to the open championships.

We were once again delighted to see that all the hard work of our dancers paid off when it came to the results. A special mention to: 

Aina Vasylenko - 1st, Age 10 Beginner A Trophy Reel
Quinn Steele-Larmeu - 3rd, Age 5 Beginner A Trophy Reel
Jessica Ellis - 3rd, Senior Open Championship
Lucia Burke-Sanchez - 4th, Age 20 Open Championship
Michaela Green - 4th, Senior Open Championship
Cecile Steele-Larmeu - 5th, Beginner A Trophy Reel
Grace Barry - 9th, Age 20 Open Championship

Thank you to the orgnaisor of the All Ireland Championships and British Nationals for putting on 2 fabulous events. We can't wait to see you all again next year! 


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SEChamps2018After our Easter break, we couldn't wait to get back to what we love most in May - FEISING! 

May brought with it the Southern England Championships hosted by Ann Butler and her team. The feis took place in Kings Langley over one day with 2 halls running, the grades hall and the championship hall. This made for a busy day for our Liz having to run between 2 different halls, but at least she didn't have to do the really hard job of getting up on stage! Haha!

All our dancers performed brilliantly and we received some great results in both the grades and the Open Championships. 

Congratulations to all our dancers that took part in the competitions but a special mention to:

Freddy Beard - 1st, Age 10 Championship
Ailish Cowling - 1st, Age 10 Beginner A Trophy
Jenny Found - 1st, Senior Beginner A Trophy
Lucia Sanchez-Burke - 2nd, Age 20 Open Championship
Jessica Ellis - 3rd, Senior Championship
Kayla Hughes - 4th, Age 13 Prelim
Grace Barry - 7th, Age 20 Championship

The Southern England Championships, marked a very special event for Team Ellis-Parr, as this was our first competition with CRDM. We cannot thank our new colleagues and dance buddies enough for how welcome we were made to feel. It was truly the most fun we have had at a feis for a very long time. We cannot wait to continue our Irish dancing journey with you in years to come. Here's to our new chapter!

These sort of results really do prove that hard work pays off, so to all our EP stars, you better get back to practising ASAP! 

Lastly, we would like to thank Anne and her team for putting on a brilliant feis. We had a ball and we'll definately be back next year!

Easter Holiday & Summer Term 2018

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Easter2018Easter Holiday Dates

The last class of the Easter Term will be Saturday 24th March 2018.

We will be on our Easter Break from Sunday 25th March 2018 until Sunday 8th April 2018.

Summer Term Dates

The Summer Term will commence on Monday 9th April 2018 and the last class will take place on Wednesday 11th July 2018.

St. Patrick's Day 2018

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Paddys2018bIt's that time of year again for every Irish dancer, the time of rivers turning green and everyone being very fond of Guiness! It is, of course, St. Patrick's Day! And this year, was a very special St. Patrick's Day for one of our regular Troupe members as it was our very own Grace's 18th birthday party!

This year, Troupe Ellis-Parr kicked off the celebrations for Paddy's day on Friday 16th with a display in West Hamptead at The Green Room Bar & Eatery. The Green Room is managed by one of our Ellis-Parr parents and we were delighted to be invited to dance for their customers, especially with a couple of our dancers from the beginners class in attendance too!Paddys2018a

We followed up this display with a performance on Saturday afternoon for a wedding. As always, it is a priveledge to be invited to perform at a couples' big day and we made sure to make the performance perfect for them. We had one final display at our usual venue of the Haston Catholic Club, before we all headed to Grace's to celebrate her birthday.

This year our Paddy's day wasn't as busy has it has been in previous years, but we couldn't let our Grace celebrate her birthday without her Troupe buddies. Next year, we'll just have to make sure we are extra busy!