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We are delighted to announce that Ellis-Parr Irish Dance Academy is adding Crawley to our list of teaching venues!

istockphoto-1094120438-612x612The O'Brien School of Irish Dancing sadly closed its doors at the end of April and Liz was honoured to be ofference the opportunity to work with the talented dancer from the Crawley based school. 

Additionally, Nicky Smith has joined our teaching team to help work with all our dancers!

Our Crawley dancers, along with Nicky, have been attending our Zoom classes since the beinning of May and we love having them as part of our growing dancing family! We are so excited to see what the future holds for us all and cannot wait to have lots of fun and laughter together, mixed with a bit of dancing!

Our Crawley class will continue at the same venue the O'Brien School used and will be on Thursdays. Full details of this class will be confirmed once the UK lockdown is over and we can resume normal classes. 


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1920x1280 hubmainbanner v2Following on from the UK Government's announcement yesterday, it has been decided that ALL classes for the Ellis-Parr Academy are SUSPENDED until further notice.

The new measures have been introduced to delay the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the peak of the pandemic and they include:

 - no unnecessary travel

 - avoiding social venues, such as pubs, theaters and clubs

 - stop all non-essential contact with others

 - anyone showing symptoms of a fever and/or persisent cough, should isolate themselves for 14 days. Anyone livign with someone showing these symptoms, should also isolate for 14 days.

This was a very difficult decision to make as we had hoped to stay operating as normal for longer, but with the increased measure having been introduced and the health and well-being of our dancers and families being a priority for us, we feel that there is no other option.

Please keep yourselves and those around you safe and well.

However, we will be moving ONLINE. This will be a mixture of video tutorials and Zoom classes. We are currently working on the format and arranging for the tutorial videso to me made. The videos, along with Zoom class details will be posted on our closed members group on Facebook and via email. 

St Patrick's Day 2020

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Our world has changed drastically over the last few weeks, with the COVID-19 pandemic really taking hold and the UK Government having to enforce stricter measures to halt the spread of the virus. However, amid the madness of locking down, missing toilet roll, and washing hands, we still managed to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - it was just a little different this year.

Troupe Ellis-Parr were lucky enough to be able to perform in our communities prior to the introductions of stricter measures across the UK and we all had a brilliant time. Our dancers were amazing as usual and we received 100% positive feedback for all our performances. A huge compliment for us is being automatically booked for the following year, and this happened with a number of our venues., so our performance slots for 2021 are already starting to fill up. 

Sadly, on St. Patrick's Day, we had to announce the closure of our classes for the foreseeable future, due to the measures having been increased for COVID-19, causing our venues to close. However, we just moved our celebrations online by sharing our favourite memories and pictures of years gone by. While it wasn't quite the same as raiseing a glass together and dancing the day and night away, it was wonderful to look back at all the wonderful memories we have made as a school over the last 10 years.

We hope you all found a way to celebrate this year, regardless of the strage times we are currently living in at the moment. 

Stay Stay! 

Write Up - Jan & Feb Feisanna

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We kicked off January and the new year with a few of our dancers making a trip to Leicester to compete at the Shaun Burden Feis. While our numbers were small, our dancers were certainly mighty with some brilliant dancering and fabulous results to show for it too.

The February came along at a lightening pace and with it, our second feis of the year. Our dancers didnt have to make quite such a long journey this time though, as the CRDM UK Spring Regional Feis took place in Kent. As always, the team spirit of our dancers was second to none and we have a day of making memories together pair with some lovely results.

Congratulations to all our dancers that took part in the last couple of competitions. We are so proud of each and every one of you! 

Christmas Round Up 2019

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xmas19As per tradition, our last classes of the year were all about having fun and getting festive with each other. Both our Kilburn and West Drayton classes finished early so that we could all have some time together to relax and enjoy ourselves without the diddly-dee of dancing music blaring!

And, the very last class of the year, our Saturday class turned into a big party! We had lots of games and a christmas ceili, which we got everyone involved in. We all dressed up in our finest Christmas jumpers and we even had an entertainer and face painter to help out little ones really enjoy themselves.

Also, our venue was hosting an open day and we were invited to do some festive jigging for the event. The dancing from our class was so well received that we have already been booked in for their St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

The last year has been incredible for our Academy. We have had many, many wins at both local and international competitions, topped off with us gaining our first WORLD TITLE! But more importantly, we have done this together, as a team & friends, and that is truly what it is all about.

Thank you to all our dancers, parents and friends that make all of this possible and help to make Ellis-Parr HQ the special place it has become. We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!

See you all in 2020!