Christmas Round Up 2019

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xmas19As per tradition, our last classes of the year were all about having fun and getting festive with each other. Both our Kilburn and West Drayton classes finished early so that we could all have some time together to relax and enjoy ourselves without the diddly-dee of dancing music blaring!

And, the very last class of the year, our Saturday class turned into a big party! We had lots of games and a christmas ceili, which we got everyone involved in. We all dressed up in our finest Christmas jumpers and we even had an entertainer and face painter to help out little ones really enjoy themselves.

Also, our venue was hosting an open day and we were invited to do some festive jigging for the event. The dancing from our class was so well received that we have already been booked in for their St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

The last year has been incredible for our Academy. We have had many, many wins at both local and international competitions, topped off with us gaining our first WORLD TITLE! But more importantly, we have done this together, as a team & friends, and that is truly what it is all about.

Thank you to all our dancers, parents and friends that make all of this possible and help to make Ellis-Parr HQ the special place it has become. We would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!

See you all in 2020!

Write Up - Kent Regional Feis 2019

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kentregion19October arrived in a flash and along with it came the Kent Regional Feis 2019. The competition was held at Thamesview School in Kent and was hosted by the Aimee-Leigh Academy.

The competition was well attended and the standard of dancing was as high as ever. But that didn't stop our Ellis-Parr Army from coming home with a massive collection of medals, sashes and silverware.

The hardwork put in by all our dancers truly paid off with some brilliant results across all ages and grades. But above all else, the team spirit from everyone was second to none and meant that lots of special memories were made that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations to all our dancers that took part in this competitions and a special mention to:

Iona Davidson - Age 8 Beginner A Winner
Freddy Beard - Age 11 Open Winner
Alex Rowsome - Age 16 Open Winner
Lucia Burke-Sanchez - Age 20 Open Winner
Michala Green - Senior Open Winner

Freddy Beard - Age 11 Open Champion
Jessica Ellis - Age 22-28 Open Champion

Congratulations Class 2019/20!!

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worldparty2019On Sunday 15th September 2019, we had a very special party for Team Ellis-Parr. We decided that we all deserved to come together to celebrate a truly incredible year for our Academy.

Over the past 12 months our class has grown in size, while building a unique community based on inclusivity, respect and support for everyone. We have also worked hard to improve all our dancers from beginners up to our open dancers. The brilliant results we have had are proof that we have managed to achieve on this goal too.

We organised our first Class Feis and this was a huge success. Having a class over 2 locations, our class feis was a brilliant opportunity to have the entire school all under one roof.

At the World Championships 2019, we had 5 dancers attend and we came home with 5 globes. We were all delighted when our Freddy won the world title with a perfect score of '500'! This is the first time a CRDM UK dancer and school have acheived this accolade, which made this all the more special. This was then followed by Jessica & Lucia placing 5th in their respective age groups, Grace placing 6th and Michaela 7th in theirs. This, along with some wonderful memories being made, meant for a truly special weekend in Killarney. 

Throughout the year, our grades dancers have continued to improve and progress through their grades and we now have a gang of mini superstars that take to the stage at every feis with confidence and to have fun. 

Our community and team spirit are second to none...... we regularly have our older dancers attend competitions all day to help with and support our little dancers and our parents are always on hand to help out and for the much needed caffiene run too. All these small things add up to a wonderful atmosphere which makes Ellis-Parr a very special place to be a part of (either at classes or feisanna).


Thank you to each and everyone of you that has made this possible. It takes a village to create what we have here at the Ellis-Parr Academy and we cannot wait to conitue to make more memories with you for many years to come.


Write Up - Kent Championships 2019

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kentchamps19After a long lazy summer, we were kicking off the new feis seasion with the Kent Championships. These Championships are hosted by Louise Coyne and her school, St. John's Irish Dance and the venue was the fabulous Ebbsfleet Academy. 

As you would expect, Team Ellis-Parr were beyond exctied to get back out on stage after the long summer. We had over 20 dancers competing over the 2 days of the championships and they all did fabulously. We couldn't be prouder of our ever growing team of superstars who never fail to impress us or the judges!

Congratulations to all our dancers over the weekend, with a special mention:


FREDDY BEARD, Age 11 Champion
CORAL REILLY, Senior Prelim Champion
LUCIA BURKE-SANCHEZ, 2nd Age 19-21 Championship
MICHAELA GREEN, 2nd Senior Championship
JESSICA ELLIS, 3rd Senior Championship
LEXI BRACEY, 3rd Age 5 Award
AILISH COWLING, 4th Age 11 Prelim Championship
EVE MCCOOKE, 4th Age 12 Award
CORAL REILLY, 4th Senior Championship
LILY REILLY, 5th Age 8 Award



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keep-dancing-its-a-new-termAutumn/Winter Term

Start Date - Monday 2nd September 2019

End Date - Saturday 14th December 2019


Winter/Spring Term

Start Date - Monday 6th January 2020

End Date - Saturday 4th April 2020


Summer Term 

Start Date - Monday 20th April 2020

End Date - Saturday 25th July 2020